Grilled Chili Recipe [Camp Dutch Oven Cooking]

Posted by Ryan Smith on 1/11/2021


I’m making a chili recipe where I grill the sirloin steak, peppers and onions before finally combining everything into a Lodge cast iron camp Dutch oven and then slow cooking it to perfection!

This may not be your typical way of making chili but by grilling the steak and vegetables they take on an added layer of flavor and that’s part of what makes this chili so delicious.

Sirloin steak (1 pound seasoned the way of your choice before grilling)
Dark red kidney beans (3 cans drained)
Diced tomatoes (1 can)
Beef broth (1 quart)
Tomato juice (1 quart)
Garlic (1 tbsp minced)
Lawry’s seasoned salt (1 tsp)
Black pepper (1 tsp)
Chili powder (3 tbsp)

Tools I used in this video:
Lodge Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven
Weber Kettle Grill
Weber Charcoal Chimney

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