Kitchen Alpha is simply a resource for guys who like to cook. Through weekly posts and videos I share recipes, product reviews, cooking tutorials and more. Whether your hardcore into grilling and BBQ, or just the casual cook looking for a recipe to cook for your date this weekend, I can help!

My name is Ryan Smith and I created Kitchen Alpha as a way to share my love of cooking with others. You will find that most of what I do is focused around grilling, BBQ, and outdoor cooking. I wanted to create an online cooking community for guys who are more interested in spending all day/night smoking a pork butt than making cupcakes.

I hope you will sign up for my email list using the form in the sidebar. Also consider joining the community on one or more of our social media channels. I’ll put the links below. I’m glad that you’ve found Kitchen Alpha and hope that you will enjoy what you read and watch here.


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