My name is Ryan Smith and I created a YouTube channel in 2015 that started with a few cooking videos from the kitchen. Being a BBQ enthusiast I ventured outside to share some of my weekend cooks on my Weber kettle. I did some videos aimed at helping beginners learn to use a charcoal grill and even put together an online course called Charcoal Grilling 101.

Throughout these past few years I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of sharing my cooking videos with you folks. I even started expanding my channel into other topics that I really enjoy such as fishing, with catch, clean and cook videos.

Now for the next step! In April of 2021, my wife and I purchased a small property (roughly 11 acres) with the intentions of starting our own homestead and becoming more self sufficient. In doing so, we also wanted to be able to produce a food product to offer for sale. We have started a small flock of chickens for our own consumption, but are in the process of preparing pasture and woodlot for Berkshire pigs that we hope to add to our little farm soon!

We hope to offer pork for sale locally and by shipment in 2022! Stay tuned!